Frequently asked questions about the Schooble website, Schooble lesson management accounts and Schooble social media platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked...

Yes Schooble is free to all users although some areas of Schooble are restricted to those users belonging to one or more of Schooble Schemes. Some Schooble Schemes may attract a fee. The ability to upload resources to Schooble and share with others is also free but this may in the future be subject to a maximum number of megabytes. Uploads above this maximum amount may be subject to a fee in the future.

Please check your junk box. If it is not there drop us a message in the Contact Us section and we will activate your account for you.

There are no limit to the number of schools and other organisations you can connect to.

Yes, go to your profile and enter the new address. This will temporarily disable your account but you will receive a new activation email. Use this to re-activate your account.

When a user reports another user, the report is sent directly to the live moderators for review and action will be taken accordingly.

We take safety very seriously. We use a state of the art chat filtering system along with a team of trained moderators. Schooble blocks all bad and inappropriate words and profiles every user’s behavior, monitoring them over time.

A user may accumulate a number of incidents over a period of time. These incidents are scored depending on the severity of the words used. Users are warned of their bad behavior and if this is ignored a number of bans are activated, 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours and a permanent ban.